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A bower; created by a male bower bird  of upright sticks and leaves and decorates with blue items

 The photograph  shows the environment created by a bower bird who visits my garden each year to create its nest, from carefully collected blue items (amassed throughout the year by yours truly and left out for their selection). I love watching them create their bower (from a distance of course) and it is always interesting to see what they actually place in the bower. Similarly when I have purchased a new piece of art I always wonder if the artist would be interested to know what had become of their artwork, what environment was created around it, how it was displayed or used. 

Well, I'm now in that position, and yes I am interested to know where my baskets, bowls and other creations end up and how they are used and indeed if they are useful.  So if you have taken one of my creations into your home or garden I would really love to hear from you and perhaps get a photograph of your purchase in its new environment.  Just email me at wastenotfibredesigns@gmail.com 


A small coiled basket containing chicken eggs.

 Hi Sally
I bought this beautiful teal basket from you at Glenbrook market and it sits on my kitchen bench . In Cranebrook, where I can enjoy it every day. It keeps the eggs of my three happy hens, Mulan, Ariel & Elsa, safe until I need them.  Thanks, I’ll be back,                                                                          


A coiled basket covered in buttons, containing sea shells.

 This basket has found a home with Maggie who lives in Los Agustines, a tiny hamlet at the foot of Las Alpujarras in Andalucia, Spain.  It has provided a home for shells gathered over many years. 

A coiled fabric basket containing garlic.


The gorgeous little basket is on my kitchen bench holding my garlic and looks very spiffy.

A large coiled basket containing bathroom items including perfume, lotions etc.


I gave this to my sister, Lesley, ages ago, she has finally decided what to do with it!  My brother-in-law is rather happy he now has some bench space in the bathroom! ​                                                                                 Sally

A little coiled basket with a bead in the centre.

 Waste Not Fibre Designs had sent me this gorgeous little "bowl" for being the 500th person to like her Facebook page. This came as a complete surprise. ...
What a wonderful giving person to pass on this little work of art she made out of "Dyed and natural raffia, ribbon, cane, wool and a bead.
I LOVE IT!!!!....Thankyou😃💜💛💚💗


A coiled basket sitting on a table.

 A gift to a wonderful lady who has provided me with such interesting materials to upcycle. This basket used a number of the items donated by Bev.

A lovely surprise at coffee after a quick swim, when Sue gave me your lovely gift, it is so perfect I love it. Do hope there isn't too much stuff from me that you have to discard, I still seem to have heaps left, it has made me look at my stacks with fresh eyes so, in a funny way , thank you Sally                                                                                                                            Bev


Basket filled with chocolate Easter eggs


Here is a pic of the other basket I bought from you - ready for all the great nieces & nephews to come over this weekend. It suits the occasion perfectly as we used to build grass nests for the Easter Bunny as kids, though they never lasted more than a day unlike this beautiful basket.
                                                                                               Cheers    Joy

13 day old baby in a basket


This basket was made for Lisa Lou Photography.  The baby is only 13 days old, I hope the basket continues to hold such beautiful babies.  Love your photography Lisa!

Red basket on a side table with a plant in the background.

  I think the thing I love most about this design is that it skillfully combines two crafts and by two excellent craftswomen.  And it's in my favourite colours!
Madrid, Spain

Colourful coiled basket containing fruit and vegetables.

Hi, Sally.  
It was lovely to meet you last month at the markets in the Hunter Valley.   I love the basket that I bought from you, and thought I’d send a photo of how it looks in my home.  
Kindest regards,

Basket with handle containing embroidery materials.

  Hi Sally,
I bought a lovely piece from you at the Grand View Markets in Wentworth Falls while I was holidaying there. It is perfect for keeping my little cross stitch project all in one place.  

Thank you, I love my little basket! And just so you know, it now lives in Belair, South Australia :)

Kind regards,

Purple basket containing sea shells

  This purple basket has found its way to Madrid, Spain. Given as a gift, the new owner has used the sea urchins like a babushka.  Thanks Ruth for making it part of your home.